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Meet our Teachers and Staff

Experienced and Caring

Our staff are the heart of the school.  

They are supportive, kind and genuinely enjoy working with children.  

Our Nursery School Director has worked in Early Childhood Education for more than 10 years.  

Our teachers have a lot of experience ranging up to 35 years teaching preschool. 

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Brittany Wilson

Nursery School Director

"Preschool education is my passion. I have worked in the field of early childhood education for over a decade, and have nearly two decades worth of experiences with children of all ages and abilities. I earned a Masters in Early Childhood Education from Pacific Oaks College, specializing in social justice and anti-bias education. In addition to being a preschool director I am also a part-time professor at El Camino College in the Childhood Education department."


Fun facts:

"I love to hike, camp, rock climb, go to concerts and travel."


Laura Game

St. John's Nursery School 

Office Manager for 4 years

"I love witnessing the children gaining independence, learning to be part of a community, making friends, and seeing their kindness and self-esteem blossom under the care of our warm and gentle teachers."


Fun facts:

"I have a BA degree in Child Development with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education.  I have two children - my daughter Sammy is 20 and my son Drew is 12.  I was a preschool teacher for 12 years before I left to have my son." 


Ms Xu-2.jpg

Ms. Xu

Teacher for 17 years

(5 of those at St. John's)

Green Room Teacher

"Every child is a miracle. I love laughing, dancing, singing, reading, and crafting with children all day long and sparking joy together. I love kids and it has always been my dream and passion to become an educator."

Fun facts:

"I like hiking and painting."


Ms. Esme

First year teaching at St. John's

Green Room Teacher

"It has always been a passion of mine to work with kids as I have several nieces and nephews that I take care of every other weekend. I also love watching them learn new lessons that they can use in their daily lives."

Fun facts:

"I love hiking and exploring through nature."


Mrs. Samples

Teacher for 23 years at St. John's


Blue Room Teacher

"Teaching preschool is fun.  Everyday is different, filled with learning from the children and me.  I enjoy watching the excitement in the class as they learn new things we teach them, and their love for stories and art projects." 


Fun facts:

"I really enjoy taking walks at the beach or on hidden trails that I may find. I have two dogs named Giuliana (7) and Giovanni (5)." 


Ms. Chelsea

Teacher for 19 years 
(8 of those at St. John's)

Blue Room Teacher

"I enjoy creating experiences for the children that are fun and educational.  My favorite parts of the day are the quiet moments and conversations with the children."

Fun facts:

"I was born and raised in LA.  I love spending time with my family.  I have a cat named Clover."


Ms. Aneris

Teacher for 4 years 
(First year at St. John's)

Yellow Room Teacher

"I love getting to know the children and learning from them. Each day is an adventure, and I get to see that individual journey and scaffold for each one of my children along the way.."

Fun facts:

"I love spending time with my family and friends. I do have a dog named Bruno who takes up a lot of my free time. I also enjoy cooking and having paint nights."


Ms. Phyllis

First year teaching at St. John's

Yellow Room Teacher

"I have a natural passion for encouraging and helping young children to reach their potential."

Fun facts:

"I enjoy art and learning new things."

ms Barnes.jpg

Mrs. Barnes

Teacher for 36 years at St. John's

Orange Room Teacher

"I love seeing the excitement on a child's face when they discover something new."

Fun Facts:

"I love family dinners, quilting, and reading a good book."

ms shannen.JPG

Ms. Shannen

Teacher for 26 years

(19 of those at St. John's)

Orange Room Teacher

"I love the inquisitiveness of children. I enjoy watching kids learn and grow."

Fun Facts:

"I love to read. I have two cats. I am very talkative and expressive."


Ms. Kimberly

Teacher for 2 years

(First year at St. John's)

Floater Teacher

"I love doing art projects with the children. It is a great way for the children to express themselves"

Fun Facts:

"I like to draw and paint. I also love being with my family. "

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